Silence from the sea

The female powerhouse; strong, striking, and commanding. Silence From The Sea is a concept that was born out of the idea of the powerhouse career woman who takes refuge and calm from the sea. Corporate success has traditionally been associated and attributed to males and masculinities. Not only has the notion been reserved for males,... Continue Reading →

Socio-Culture; by Naeelah Jumat

We recently shot an A/W18  lookbook series for a Cape Town based street-wear brand, Socio-Culture, a brainchild of fashion designer Naeelah Jumat. Socio-Culture is a luxe street-wear brand that has just released an autumn/winter capsule that culminates past trends and transcends these ideas into bold coloured garments. The collection disregards societal norms, creating an entire... Continue Reading →

Behind The Glass

The 21st of February 2016, what would most likely be a regular day for most was a day we constantly talk about, reference and use as motivation to keep going. Our first experience of being thrown in the ‘fashion’ deep end. The adrenaline, intimidating crowds and fast paced nature of it all felt all too... Continue Reading →

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