Revised trends with A Store

2017 was a year that saw several old trends get revised and reworn with other modern elements in the fashion industry. It was a year that brought the 'cool' factor back to tracksuits and saw the introduction of military styled garments such as, cargo pants, rugged leather boots and overalls. Trends in fashion often only... Continue Reading →

Eaton Threads Co.

Eaton Threads Co. exists for those who aim to leave their mark on the world. We believe in cultivating a community, woven together by passion, creativity & positivity.  We do this by formulating long lasting customer relationships, creating products that stay relevant in the minds of consumers as well as being extremely disruptive with the... Continue Reading →

Change Direction

There's something about the ocean air, clashing waves and subtle sense of relaxation that comes with living near the shore. Your problems seem to disappear and the stress from another chaotic day blows away with the wind. Your attitude changes direction and your energy is transformed into positive thoughts. For a man-on-the-move, classic accessories are... Continue Reading →

Mini Shoots – October ’17

Our 'Mini Shoots' is a photo-shoot special that we run every few months as our way of thanking everyone for supporting our passion. Each slot is 30 minutes long and takes place at a fixed location which we use for the day. This edition took place in one of our favourite areas to shoot, the... Continue Reading →

RTD’17 x Converse SA

This year Rocking the Daisies seemed a ‘lil different. Thursday night actually became a party night, Main Stage was louder, Beach Bar looked different and Twos-Up had transformed into Trap House. The only thing that never seems to change is the array of eccentric outfits of festival goers; each year growing more and more adventurous.... Continue Reading →

Ashli’s Matric Dance

A glowing sunset added to the surrounds of Nitida wine farm, our idea was to utilize the leading lines of the vineyards to capture the essence of what the landscape represents. Ashli's friendly nature made time fly by and before we knew it she was rushing off to enjoy one of her biggest highlights of... Continue Reading →

Alton’s Matric Dance

A scenic drive out to the quaint town of  Wellington saw us photograph a young man and his family set against the picturesque farmlands. We hope you had a stunning evening!  

Office London – SA Launch

"The first time I had traveled by myself, sans parents, I had gone on a girls trip to London and Paris. If you have been following my blog from those O.G blogging days you may remember my cute nineteen year old self trotting around London sharing my sony cybershop pictures on this very website. It... Continue Reading →

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